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Our sport club is dedicated to exploring Bulgaria and the world throughout cycling and mountain biking. Moreover, we offer and develop opportunities for others to experience riding in Bulgaria.


» Useful information about Bulgaria

Being out, in Bulgaria, with the bicycle is great fun! No matter if you are doing touring, X-country or all-mountain routes, every day is a different day and you can feel it. The reason for that is the variety of landscapes that our country offers at a quite small area. We have 4 big mountain ranges and loads of little ones and each one has its own charisma and cycling opportunities. Massive green and grassy mountains in the mid-part of the country turn into rigid granite and marble peaks, when you go south-west. On the other hand, in the central south, the hilly forms of the Rhodope Mountains offer mild forms for good XC riding on single tracks and forest roads or panoramic touring rides in between scattered villages sheltering unique mixture of Islam and Orthodox Christianity.



In the cultural aspect we have something to offer as well. Beyond medieval churches and monasteries, wine cellars and rose fields, Bulgaria has a very specific atmosphere due to the diverse origin and daily life of the pople. Our tours will get you into villages where neighbors celebrate Easter and Ramadan together, where houses are built of massive river stones and oak beams.

Getting here is not a hassle at all, regular and low cost companies will fly you to Sofia directly in less than 3 hours from any European capital and even from many of the secondary airports in your country. This gives you a quite good opportunity to be on the bike the same day of your departure


Touring Camp



X-country Camp



All-mountain Camp


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Km per day: 50-70 km
Ascents per day: 400 – 800 m.
Terrain: mainly asphalt, easy dirt road

Asphalt and easy dirt roads, loads of social experience and stunning landscapes.

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Km per day: 30-50 km
Ascents per day: 370 – 800m.
Terrain: mainly on dirt roads with short steep section and easy technical obstacles like single roots and stones, also expect sections on easy and moderate single tracks

Dirt roads, single tracks and tiny bits of asphalt, beautiful ascents and pure pleasure on the descents.

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Km per day: 20-40 km
Ascents per day: 400 –900 m.
Terrain: wide range of terrains including steep dirt roads and single tracks with technical section

Pure mountain, single tracks, fast dirt roads, speed and bike parks…a challenge for the MTB lovers.

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Distance per day


Denivilation per day











8 days
50-70 km 400- 800 m Mainly asphalt Mountain hotels and family-run guesthouses € 595
8 days


30-50 km


350- 800 m

Dirt roads and single tracks


Mountain hotels and family-run guesthouses

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8 days
20-40 km 400- 900 m All kind of terrains Mountain hotels, family-run guesthouses. 1 night in mountain shelter €705
August promo:
€ 685


Custom camp

depends on you